A knowledgeable city is empowering its communities

We are developing the missing technology to harvest accurate and exhaustive street data in real-time. Our network of sensors leverage Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to identify all activity happening in the street. Our sensors can be connected to any services through our APIs in real-time or trigger actions based on parameters.

The sensors are collecting unforeseen data for every specific covered areas. It allows to implement local and real-time strategic solutions based on the actual community needs.


New types of transportation have emerged while traffic issues from overloaded streets haven’t decreased. In the last years, the mobility habits have changed.

Citizens are acting different accordingly to each neighbourhood and street even. Denver helps to understand particularities, behaviours and trends for every covered areas in cities. Denver pinpoint need for better mobility approach.

In addition to actual streets challenges,  Denver’s sensors allows to prepare streets for tomorrow with Vehicle to Infrastructure capabilities.


Environment is a societal issue. Citizens want healthier living spaces and reduce their ecological footprint Denver believes it starts with ecoresponsive city. Cities should foster good habits by providing relevant services and lower its own pollution sources. Pollution take many forms, our sensor evaluates their levels and their changes over time.

Denver’s actionable data will empower cities to take impactful actions for a healthy environment.


City’s infrastructures have not changed over the last decades while mobility has evolved. Denver’s objective is to help city optimize their actual and future infrastructures.

To improve their efficiency, cities need to understand what transformations in the design and construction approach would have the most impact for their citizens. Denver ensures low-carbon society and sustainable urban planning to be reachable objectives.

The city management should be based on citizens’ behaviour and needs, we help to align them.